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Wooden Toys V Screen Time

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Why buy a wooden toy?

Wooden toys are tactile, warm to the touch, sustainable and long lasting. More than that they are a thing of natural beauty that will bring joy for years to come.
If you are looking for something that is both a firm favourite for your little one and a lovely object to live with then it could be time to look at the classic wooden toy. 

Wooden toys are the classics of the toy world, created to last the test of time designed to be passed from generation to generation and the stuff memories are made of.
If you like the idea of a toy with character that doesnt beep, squeak talk to you, and need an endless supply of batteries then take a look at our wooden toy guide below.

How to choose the best Toddler Toys

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Choosing the best Toddler Toys...

That’s child’s play


Ok - Sorry. But joking aside, it turns out buying great gifts for a toddler is not quite so straightforward. In-fact buying a great gift for any young child is (unless they are with you, jumping up and down and pointing) a very fine art. 

You would be amazed how many well intentioned gifts are bought, only to find out they have moved on from that stage, or the toy or game is too advanced and has to go away for a while!

“Research released by the charity Action for Children and One Poll which surveyed 2,000 people has also revealed that over a third of Brits (37 per cent) have received an unwanted present every year.”

Get it right however and you will be rewarded with hours of entertainment, play & plenty of smiles. Read on to find out a sure fire way to go about finding the best toddler toy or gift.

Toys R Us Brighton & Hove to close.

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Toys R Us will close all 100 of its UK stores Including  Brighton and Hove stores – beginning from Thursday 15th March

Why Buy Educational Toys For Babies?

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With so much going on around them, it’s hard for a baby or toddler to ignore exciting new sites, sounds and smells. This can make for some adorably confused faces and memorable moments during their development. As well as the fun this brings, these special times for parent and child are an opportunity for play to take a part in development and learning. Educational toys have become a great way to enjoy, enrich and explore this time. 

How to measure a Jellycat

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We thought we would kick off with a common question that comes up when buying Jellycat online - Just what size is a Jellycat? and How do I measure a Jellycat. It also sounds like quite a few people are looking at what size Jellycat they need to buy to replace a lost one.

If you are looking for a particular size Jellycat for a gift, or a replacement that absolutely has to be the same size (let's say hypothetically you left someones favourite cuddly friend on the car roof when shopping?) this guide is for you.