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How to measure a Jellycat

How to measure a Jellycat
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We thought we would kick off with a common question that comes up when buying Jellycat online - Just what size is a Jellycat? and How do I measure a Jellycat. It also sounds like quite a few people are looking at what size Jellycat they need to buy to replace a lost one.

If you are looking for a particular size Jellycat for a gift, or a replacement that absolutely has to be the same size (let's say hypothetically you left someones favourite cuddly friend on the car roof when shopping?) this guide is for you.


These are the main sizes (Size Group) Jellycats come in:

Tiny (sometimes referred to as Baby)
• Really Big

Different types of Jellycat have different sizes for each 'Size Group', for example a medium Jellycat Bashful Bunny is 31 cm but a medium Fuddlewuddle Bunny is 23 cm. So depending on what type of Jellycat you are looking for we have attached an at a a glance list including all sizes further down the page.


Types of Jellycat & Size 

The good news is the measurement for each Jellycat size within a 'Size Group' (Small, Medium, Large, Huge, Really Big) is the same for all creatures within that type. So all Small Bashful animals are the same size (There are a few exceptions to the rule but broadly this is true.)

For example if you are looking at a Medium Bashful Lion or a Medium Bashful Bunny they are the same size. A small Bashful Kitten is the same size as a small Bashful Monkey, A large Bashful Puppy is the same size as a Large Bashful Dino... You get the idea. There are of course a few anomalies just to make it interesting which we list at the end of the page.

Now you know the big picture of how Jellycat sizing works - The question is... 


How to measure a Jellycat

Stretched out from the tip of its toes to the tip of its ears - or when it is sitting down from bottom to top? Well Neither. 
To measure a Jellycat, just lay it down flat and measure from the top of its head to its feet.

If you are looking to replace a much loved Jellycat and need to know it is the same size as the one it is stepping in for remember they all are a tiny bit different as they are soft toys and no two will be exactly the same. If your existing Jelly is a few mm or so out try and match it to the closest 'Size Group' as it may have stretched over time or shrunk a little when washed.

To sum up, here are our at a glance size lists for Jellycat which you can use when trying to get an idea of what is right for you or your little one.


Bashful Jellycat Sizes

• Tiny - H13 cm
• Small - H18 cm
• Medium - H31 cm
• Large - H36 cm
• Huge - H51 cm
• Really Big - H67 

jellycat bashful bunny


Cordy Roy Jellycat Sizes

• Small - H26 cm
• Medium - H38 cm
• Huge - H67 cm

cordy roy fox

Fuddlewuddle Jellycat Sizes

• Small - H15 cm
• Medium - H23 cm
• Large - H31 cm
• Huge - H44 cm

fuddlewuddle jellycat poppets


Exceptions to the rule:

Bashful Frog Small - H19, Bashful Bat Medium - H26, Bashful Dragon Medium - H26Cordy Roy exceptions to the rule:  Cordy roy mutt one size - H41 cm, Cordy roy tortoise one size - H36 cm, Cordy roy monkey babyone size - H34 cm, Cordy roy baby puppyone size - H32 cm, Cordy roy fox babyone size - h34 cm.


We hope this guide helps you find the right Jellycat for your little one. Thanks from all at Poppets.