Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe Pink Poppets

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  • Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe Pink Poppets
  • Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe Pink Poppets
  • Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe Pink Poppets
  • Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe Pink Poppets

Micro Scooter - Mini Micro Deluxe - Pink

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Product information:

Why walk when you can scoot? Mini Micro Deluxe Pink - What a beautiful way to get about whether you are gliding along on the ride into school, on a day out or just making a trip to the shops a bit more interesting. Microscooter is the easy fun and practical way to travel. There are loads of great accessories to customise your Microscooter if you want to stand out from the crowd...

The Mini Micro scooter is the definitive & original child scooter. Micro scooter started the movement and continues to lead the way on design quality and service. There are now as with any great design, many copies and versions of the original... but once you have seen and heard your child on a genuine micro scooter with its smooth running intuitive steering you will be able to see hear and feel the difference. The maxim you get what you pay for couldn't be more true here. You are getting - Exceptional Swiss construction and uncompromising quality and design. The NEW Mini Micro Deluxe is the latest in the long line of scooters form Micro. It is a redesigned and upgraded version of the world renowned classic. In addition to the award winning qualities of a classic Mini Micro the Deluxe version features;

An adjustable handlebar height - meaning the scooter will grow with your child
The unique deck of the scooter has a raised silicone Micro grip
The anodised stem not only protects your scooter but provides a modern look

Key points for the Mini Micro Deluxe Pink:

• NEW adjustable handlebar height
• Now Suitable for ages 2-5
• Protective anodised stem
• Unique deck with raised silicone Micro grip
• The maximum weight limit is 35kg (5 stone, 7 pounds)
• Voted best toy of 2016

The Mini Micro Deluxe intuitive ‘lean and steer’ scooting style is easily understood by younger children and will greatly improve your child’s balance and co-ordination which are vital for the development of early motor skills. The Mini Micro Deluxe is lightweight and therefore perfectly suited for younger children as it enables them to negotiate pavements, steps and doorways without the help of grown ups.

The brake has been ingeniously designed so even the slightest pressure put on it will bring the scooter to a gentle halt. There is no safer set of starter wheels for your child. The Mini Micro Deluxe’s 3 wheels and sturdy deck provide stability, giving your child the confidence they need to master scooting. Finally both you and your child will enjoy the new found freedom, fun and independence that the Mini Micro Deluxe brings.

Why walk when you can scoot - Buy Mini Micro Deluxe at Poppets today.